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Lupazoo offers Teacher Kits on a variety of subjects.  Each kit contains background information, fact sheets, activity ideas and resource information.   Most of the activities are designed for use with students in grades K-12 and they are all easily adapted to suit your needs.  Many of these kits can be used in conjunction with one of the school programs offered at the zoo.  The kits can also be used to help teachers design a curriculum for use at the zoo or in their classrooms. The kits are still in production and should be ready for fall 2008.

The Education Department at Lupazoo currently offers the following Teacher kits:

  • Tropical Rain Forest: How is the tropical rain forest structured? This kit looks at the different layers of the forest, and the species of plants and animals that are uniquely adapted to each layer. Activities and information focus on the importance of conserving tropical rain forests.
  • North-Western Trail: How do animals adapt to such a harsh environment? This kit will help you share the mysteries of Midwest with your students.
  • Tropical Asia: The plants, animals and people of the tropical Asian forest are inextricably linked. This kit looks at some of the interconnections that make life in the tropical rain forests of Asia possible. The activities and information in this kit will help students learn about biodiversity and interdependence.
  • Raptors: Birds of prey are magnificent animals that can be readily seen in both urban and rural areas. Since they are top predators, raptors provide an excellent avenue for studying a wide variety of biological concepts, such as predator-prey relationships, adaptations and the effects of human influence.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians: Cold-blooded animals have developed unique physical characteristics and life cycles for survival in a variety of habitats. This kit also explores the human-posed threats faced by reptile and amphibian populations throughout the world.
  • African Savanna: The central theme of this teacher kit, the balance of nature, examines the relationships between plants, animals and people of the east African savanna. Background information and activities center on the complex food chain, people and culture, and the climate cycles that shape the region. Information is also included about how people can minimize their impact on this delicate and fascinating part of the world
  • Endangered Species Kit: This kit is specifically designed for educators of grades 5 through 12, but includes background information and a few activities useful for teachers of grades K-4. This packet includes extensive background information, a wide variety of activities and fact sheets on animals and plants found here at the zoo.